Greenville in Pechersk


A Unique project that provides its residents with the perfect life in the city center

Greenville in Pechersk is a residential complex of the future, located in the prestigious Pechersk district of Kiev, providing all the requirements of a comfortable life in the capital.
This residential complex, built from environmentally friendly materials, is meant for those who care about the environment, and therefore about themselves.
We are the embodiment of true business class with architecture, location and infrastructure that has been thought out to the smallest detail.

Comfort and coziness daily

Thought out to the smallest detail

Closed area of your comfort

When the rhythm of saturated everyday life kicks into high gear, there are places where you want to forget about the excessive importance of things and feel comfort and coziness.
Therefore, in Greenville in Pechersk, we have created a closed space for your life and leisure.
This is an oasis of harmony in the metropolis, which inspires with power and energy to search for new ideas and horizons.
Here, in the closed area of more than half a hectare, with the concept of “a yard without cars”, green park alleys and areas for your rest are waiting for you.

Happy childhood for the children

Greenville Park has two kindergartens, a school and six playgrounds for active development and leisure.
Inside the closed courtyard of cars and third-party passers-by safely. Here on the territory of more than half an acre there are green park alleys and walkways.
Two sports grounds for volleyball, basketball and soccer games will be useful for both children and adults.
A proper fitness center for the residents of the complex will help you feel healthy and ready for new achievements.

Professional service

Own service company will be worried around the clock about the uninterrupted operation of all engineering networks, cleanliness and municipal services for the houses.
Guard will monitor the security and compliance with the conditions of access to the internal territory of the complex only on individual maps of residents or guest passes.
Maintaining order, service and safety in each home will be done by the administrator.
A professional service company is a guarantee of your peace of mind, safety and economy. After all, with the proper organized management, the cost of maintaining a home is reduced. For many years, the management of the operation of compound residential complexes allows us today to offer you experience and professionalism in Greenville Park.

Own business area in the house

Greenville Park is the first residential complex in Kiev, where the entire first floor area of over 1,000 square meters reserved for the use of residents.
Specially equipped co-workings are ideally suited for work, training and presentations at any time of the day.
A business meeting will be conveniently held in the lobby bar right near the administration area. At your request, the administrator will gladly help you to meet guests or take orders.
For children and mother on the first floor of the house there are two game children's rooms. A manicure-cafe and service points will work alongside them.