Greenville on Pechersk

Live by your rules

A unique project that gives its residents an ideal life in the city center

Greenville in Pechersk is a residential complex of the future, which is located in the prestigious Pechersk district of Kiev and meets all the requirements of a comfortable life in the capital.
Built from environmentally friendly materials, this is a residential complex for those who care about the environment, and therefore about themselves.
We are the embodiment of a true business class with thoughtful architecture, location and infrastructure, even to the smallest detail.

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Your comfort zone is closed

When the rhythm of saturated weekdays is going crazy, there are places where you want to forget the over-all importance of things and feel comfort and comfort.
Therefore, in Greenville, Pechersk, we have created an enclosed space for your life and leisure.

It is an oasis of harmony in the metropolis, which inspires strength and energy to search for new ideas and horizons.

Here, in an enclosed area of more than half a hectare, with the concept of a yard without cars, green park alleys and recreational areas are spread out.

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Comfortable leisure for the whole family

Greenville in Pechersk provides a happy childhood for every little inhabitant. It has its own kindergarten, playgrounds for active development and leisure.

Two playgrounds for volleyball, basketball and football will be of use to both children and adults.

Security and concierge service

Freedom and comfort, security and privacy are the top priorities when choosing a business class property.

Greenville Pechersk provides a centralized access control system, security and concierge service 24/7, external and internal CCTV cameras that will cover the entire territory of the complex: stairwells, lobbies, adjoining territory.

Greenville has a successful track record of servicing its residential complexes, which today offers you the highest level of service in Greenville LCD in Pechersk.

Ergonomic planning for everyone

The residential complex provides more than 50 types of apartment plans for individual owners to choose from.

The architectural composition of the apartment is specially designed so that future residents can easily change the layout of the interior walls and independently zonate their space for life.

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Individual approach and space for self-creation

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