Sales of apartments in the Greenville Park LCD are carried out under a reliable and transparent financing scheme - the Bonds Sale and Purchase Agreement. High control over the issuance of bonds by the State Commission protects against risks and fixes agreements with the developer. You get additional options for using bonds and choose for yourself advantageous conditions for purchasing an apartment.

Transparent scheme of sales and profitable conditions in Greenville Park

Variation 1
100% payment

100% payment for the apartment and the most favorable conditions.

Variation 2

Interest-free installment up to the end of construction of the complex with a down payment of 25%

Variation 3

Ability to buy an apartment with a reliable financial partner

Apartments in Greenville Park are sold by the most reliable and transparent scheme


Absence of risks

The issuance of targeted bonds for construction is regulated by the SSMSC Regulation "On the Procedure for Issuing Bonds of Enterprises". The State Commission on Securities and Stock Market carefully scrutinizes and allows the issue of housing bonds only to those developers who already have a land plot for construction and all project documentation. You can be calm for the reliability of the developer and the project.


Fixing the previous agreement

Securities must indicate the nominal value and the equivalent in square meters (1 bond = 1 square meter). According to the law, these figures can not be changed, which protects against financial risks. If you have purchased a full package of residential bonds, the cost of the apartment remains unchanged throughout the construction period.


Timely fulfillment by the Builder of obligations

Targeted bonds have a term for circulation in accordance with the declared plans for the construction of the facility. After the expiration of this period, the Builder is obliged to provide property for them - a new apartment during the period of repayment. In this way, the Buyer receives his apartment without delays.


Additional opportunities for bond buyers

In the absence of funds for the purchase of bonds for the whole apartment, you can gradually buy securities, having formed the necessary package several times. Bonds can also be used as an independent asset, for example, you can take a loan on a security deposit. If you have decided to buy a flat with housing bonds, you can sell your bond bonds to a third party.


Lack of unforeseen events

You can be calm for the future. If the company - the developer has gone bankrupt or for other reasons can not complete the construction, you will always be able to get your money back, as it is guaranteed by the guarantors of the developer.

To purchase an apartment in Greenville Park LCD, we invite to the sales department where the manager will answer your questions and help you choose the best option for the plans.

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